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August 5 Webinar: Get Water on Fires Faster to Save Lives and Property

Watch the video of our latest webinar from August 5, 2021 to learn how Getting Water on Fires Faster Can Save Time, Lives and Property

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Hydra Storz Saves Time to Help Fire Departments Save Lives!

Did you know that 10% of fires account for 90% of loss of life and property? House fires spread especially fast, typically taking 7 minutes to blaze out of control.

Bottom line? Every second counts.

To better protect our nation’s communities, our  fire departments are constantly looking to improve efficiencies and speeding up response times by updating current systems with innovative, streamlined solutions.

Hydra Storz connectors are widely regarded as a critical time-saving alternative to traditional threaded couplings by:

  • significantly improve hose connection times (see demonstration video)
  • Standardize hydrant connections
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • Low conversion costs

Fyrelane USA’s first-rate design makes our Hydra Storz connectors tamper resistant and reduces maintenance costs. Plus, they can quickly and easily be installed. And an entire system can be converted for a fraction of the cost of conventional Storz fittings. However, it’s not necessary to convert an entire system all at one time. We’re also able to customize engraving into the Hydra Storz for a more professional, long-lasting look.

Fyrelane USA is a veteran and family-owned business, built on a foundation of more than 38+ years of manufacturing experience, great customer service and competitive pricing. We help protect our communities by providing a variety of top-quality, American-made products to fire industries that produce greater efficiencies and faster response times.

For more information on our product range or to place an order please complete our Contact Us form.

In addition you can also contact us on +1 855 359 9555, by email on Sales@fyrelaneusa.com and/or check out our Linkedin page.

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FyrelaneUSA New Annoucement!

FyrelaneUSA has grown over the years in the fire industry, leading with product innovation in the marketplace while priding itself in the quality you deserve. As of January 2020, FyrelaneUSA has been put under new executive management which allows us to better serve our customers in the fire industry. We are also providing you with a new business model that will make it more favorable in pricing for our customers. Effective June 1st, 2020 FyrelaneUSA will be launching its new pricing for our customers and looking forward to growing with you into a long-lasting business partnership.

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Fyrelane USA FDC Connections are quality worth talking about!

Fyrelane USA manufacturing process is cutting edge and provides exceptional quality. Our FDC Connections are manufacturing in the USA and we stand behind our brand. Our brand is superior in quality from start to finish. If you are interested in getting more information please feel free to reach out to one of our sales representatives standing by at 1-855-359-9555.

Product available in various options 4″ female pipe thread, 6″ female pipe thread also coming in 30 degree down turns.


Fyrelane USA FDC Kits Available, Hard Coat Anodized Type III Black


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